Fallen K9 Replacement Grants

To honor the lives of K9s lost in the line of duty, the Foundation offers grants of up to $15,000 to fund the purchase of a new K9 and a bulletproof vest. This program is not competitive and is directed toward any police department in the United States.

The Stanton K9 Foundation will award grants to any eligible department that successfully completes the application process. To apply, a department should complete an application and await Foundation approval. Upon approval of the application, the department must sign a certification statement. Thereafter, the department may purchase a K9 and bulletproof vest and provide invoices to the Foundation for prompt reimbursement. Grant funds become available to the Department within two weeks of receiving an invoice.

To review the application, please visit our Resources page.

To be eligible, the department must:

  • Have lost an active, on-duty K9 during a deployment (including transportation), a training event, or patrol activities within the past 12 months;
  • Be financially prepared to send the new K9 to appropriate training;
  • Submit the invoices for purchases within six months of having their application accepted.

The fallen K9 must not:

  • Have died due to a genetic or medical condition unrelated to his service;
  • Have died due to handler or departmental error*
  • Have died outside of a deployment (including transportation), a training event, or patrol activities;
  • Have died more than 12 months ago.

*Unless there are specific, compelling, and unique circumstances, to be considered on a case-by-case basis.